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Volume Steps Not Working?

If you followed the previous steps and Equalizer/Audio Effects are working now, but volume steps still aren't:

Make sure gain isn't too high

  • If the Equalizer's gain is higher than your device can handle, that can cause volume steps to feel like they "jump" again instead of moving smoothly (volume at 1% might feel the same as 5%). This is a symptom of clipping. Try lowering post-gain, or adjust the Limiter's "Threshold" setting until you're happy
  • To prevent clipping, the amount of negative Post-gain should be about equal to the highest dB setting above 0. So for example, if in your Graphic EQ section at 2Khz it's set to +10dB, you need to set the Post-gain to -10dB. Or, change the Limiter's "Threshold" to -10dB. -10dB is just used as an example. This may be done automatically in the future.