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Presets vs Profiles?

Presets are just pre-defined settings. Volume presets are basically settings you set in the future. You are pre-defining the volume that you want when the preset is activated later.

Profiles, however, tell the app how to work. For example, in Bluetooth automation, you're telling Precise Volume how it should react to Bluetooth being connected/disconnected.

To help you visualize...

You have presets:

(1) Volume presets

(2) Equalizer presets

And then for profiles, you have:

  • Device Profiles (tells the app how to change volume precisely)

There are more profiles in the Automation section:

  • Apps Automation profiles

  • Bluetooth Automation profiles

  • USB DAC Automation profiles

  • Headphone Jack Automation profiles

  • Date/Time Automation profiles

  • Boot Automation profiles

That's basically it. It's a lot simpler than it first seems!