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Calibration method differences?

Note: If Method 1 is working and you're happy, just stick with that!

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes. Different devices work differently with the exact same code.

Luckily, there are 4 different ways to calibrate your device and bring it more volume steps.

Method 1

  • Default/reliable
  • Try this one first

Method 2

  • Low overhead

Method 3

  • Low overhead, but might make volume more jumpy

Method 4

  • Low overhead, but might interfere with Equalizer


Methods 1, 2, and 3 are pretty equal if you're planning to use the Equalizer feature at all.

Method 2 is best in my opinion if you're an audiophile and don't use the Equalizer at all (very low overhead).

Method 3 is similar to Method 2 but may make volume more jumpy.

Method 4 can interfere with the volume of the Equalizer on some devices. If you use Equalizer features, I'd try this one last. Also, helpful tip: you won't know if this method is really working or not until you have finished calibrating a Device Profile with it and are playing audio.