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Custom EQ Presets? Auto-Save?

Equalizer presets are totally customizable. Although the EQ presets list is filled with templates by default, these can be changed however you'd like. Press the save icon in the top right to overwrite the last activated EQ preset.

How Equalizer presets work

When you activate an EQ preset, it changes the current Equalizer settings (including Graphic EQ, Bass/Compressor, etc.) with the settings inside of your EQ preset.

After changing any Equalizer settings, a "Save" icon will appear in the top right.

Pressing the "Save" icon will replace all of the settings inside the last activated EQ Preset with the Equalizer's current settings (including Graphic EQ, Bass/Compressor, etc.)

See how it comes full circle?

There is a focus on presets in this app, so leaving out auto-save (for now) keeps things consistent and prevents your presets from being constantly overwritten.

If you need to create a new preset, simply make sure you're on the Equalizer screen and pull up the bottom drawer and press the "+" button in the bottom right instead. If the bottom drawer is missing, press the arrow in the bottom right.


  • If you have accidentally made changes to the Equalizer, pull up the drawer and re-activate your EQ preset. Changes aren't saved until you press save.

  • If you don't select "use a template" when making a new EQ preset, it'll create a new EQ preset using the Equalizer's current settings.

  • Don't forget to save before you activate a different preset if you have unsaved changes you wish to keep!