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Apps Automation Issues

Apps automation is a bit experimental... I have switched to a new API for it, so it has some kinks to iron out still.

For example, on Pixel phones due to the way the home screen launcher works (it's actually used throughout the whole system UI - NOT just the home screen)

Weird Behavior Explained

  • To prevent presets from continuously being re-activated for no reason, presets aren't activated if your volume hasn't changed since the last time you've opened/closed an app. This isn't the case though if an Activate Preset dialog pops up and you don't activate any presets.

Pixel Phones

  • If you are in an app, go to the home screen, and then go back into that app, it'll think you never left the app. You must go in another app first before it'll be detected again. This is a limitation in Android I can't get around right now.
  • Also on Pixel Phones, apps aren't detected as "closed" until you open another app.