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Update 2.0.0-beta-3

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This update took a bit longer than expected because it was an opportunity to clean up a lot of code. A lot of random bugs have been fixed, but it's also very possible some new ones might have been accidentally introduced (hopefully not). I have done a lot of testing, but it can be difficult to test everything in an app of this scale. It'll be easier to update this app in the future though! Thanks for everyone's patience.

What's new

  • Media Locker is back! Go to Settings -> Behavior -> Media Locker
  • New setting in Volume System Override: Tweaks (only 1 setting for now - "ignore first press")
  • Some things I don't remember
  • "Volume booster" on the Equalizer screen can now be hidden
  • Press and hold to toggle Equalizer sections
  • Widgets should be usable again

What's changed

  • Refactored the whole app so it'll be even easier to update going forward
  • Performance improvements/optimization
  • Hopefully fixed (or at least mostly fixed) a volume jumping bug. Some users may notice it get loud for like a quarter of a second still when a song starts, etc. - I am still trying to find a way around this. The volume jumping bug is due to a flaw in Android's audio session code.
  • Less background battery usage
  • Re-designed the audio effects engine for stability