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Precise Volume is a fully-featured Equalizer and audio control utility. It is filled with helpful features with the goal of allowing you to customize your audio to sound exactly how you like it.

This app overrides Android's default 15-25 volume steps and allows you to set a fully custom number. Other apps may give the illusion of having more volume steps, but this app actually has them.

But Precise Volume doesn't just give you more volume steps. It also contains tons of automation features and customization options, such as:

Fully-Featured Equalizer
  • Graphic EQ is your standard (but powerful) 10-band Equalizer
  • Auto EQ can automatically adjust sound for your specific headphones (compiled by jaakkopasanen - you rock, dude)
  • Bass/Compressor boosts bass!
  • Reverb creates a simulated environment around your head
  • Virtualizer creates a highly immersive surround sound effect
  • Volume Booster can be found under Graphic Eq as "post-gain"
  • L/R Balance lowers the volume of the left/right channels
  • Limiter boosts volume while safeguarding your audio from going above a certain level, keeping quality
Volume Booster
  • Careful with this!
  • Apps Automation (activate presets when apps are opened/closed)
  • Bluetooth Automation (activate presets when Bluetooth is connected/disconnected)
  • USB DAC Automation (activate presets when your USB DAC is connected/disconnected)
  • Headphone Jack Automation (activate presets when headphone jack is plugged/unplugged)
  • Date/Time Automation (activate presets at specific dates/times, repetition options included)
  • Boot Automation (activate presets when device boots)
Volume Presets
  • Pre-define volume and other settings to apply later (can be used with automation, etc). Create specific presets for all of your headphones, for your car, etc.
Equalizer Presets
  • Pre-define Equalizer settings for use later (can be used with automation, etc). Create specific presets for your every mood (or headphones!)
No Root Required

PRO Features

  • Up to 1,000 volume steps
  • Custom volume increments
  • Unlimited volume presets (free users limited to 5)
  • Volume System Override gives you more volume steps anywhere on your device
  • Replace your phone's built-in volume popup
  • Remove ads
  • Bluetooth, Apps, Headphone Jack, Date/Time, and Reboot Automation
  • Tasker/Locale Plugin support
  • Unlock Bass/Compressor (very customizable)
  • Unlock Reverb
  • Unlock Virtualizer
  • Unlimited Equalizer Presets (free users limited to 20)