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Manual Equalizer input, AutoEq improvements, and more - Beta 9

· One min read

Beta 9 is here!

It's now possible to manually input Equalizer values. Just tap the label!

Also, the Auto EQ section + import screen will now show you which database a profile came from. There are also 1800 more AutoEq profiles added (from crinacle primarily).

What's new

  • Manual Equalizer input. Just tap a slider label!
  • AutoEq will now show which database a profile came from
  • Added 2 new options to the new Android 15 style interface: Enable label animations and Increase label contrast.
  • 1800 new AutoEq profiles (crinacle)

What's changed

  • Fixed hitbox for Equalizer on/off switch
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Better Audio Detection.
  • Fixed a major crash bug


  • Fixed a major performance/icon flicker bug
  • Increased scroll/thumb hitbox on the sides for Bass/Compressor
  • Fixed an annoying bug that could cause the Equalizer to be interrupted when the screen is turned on/off
  • Other major bug fixes

Stability is still the #1 priority right now.