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Introducing Android 15 Style Volume Controls! - Update Beta 8

· 2 min read

Beta 8 is here!

For the fun of it, I decided to recreate the new Android 15 volume interface. The animations and overall user experience are extremely similar, with some extra tweaks and additions. Consider this an early preview of the new Android experience! You can get the new design early through Precise Volume!

In this new design you can also activate Volume and EQ presets! I haven't added it to the Android 14 design yet.

You can view it here, but remember the animations will look so much worse in video form.

And here's a look at that new option in Graphic EQ.

What's new

  • Added a new Android 15 Preview style to Volume Button Override (Popup style/theme)! Has some cool animations. You can also switch between the new and the old style. More styles are planned... at some point.
  • There is now an option under Graphic EQ to reset JUST bands or JUST post-gain. Tap the 3-dot menu that now appears. I know, it annoyed me too.
  • Added a new workaround for the "volume jumping" bug some users were experiencing. This is a bug in Android itself I am trying to fix. Getting close...

What's changed

  • Various bug fixes