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Export/Import Feature, Android 15 Beta 2.2 Style, and Bug Fixes

· 2 min read

Beta 12 is here!

In this update, there is a new Export/Import feature which allows you to backup/export app settings, presets, etc. to a ".pvexport" file for later use.

Import Feature

Also, I've added a newer "Android 15 Beta" style for Volume Button Override after recent changes in Android 15 Beta 2.2. The older Preview style is not being removed though!

Volume Button Override Beta 2.2 Style

There aren't quite as many bugs fixes in this version as I had wanted, but I hope to work on that next with this export feature out of the way. It was quite time consuming.

What's new

  • Export/Import feature!
  • Android 15 Beta 2.2 style for the Volume Button Override feature. A bit more polished than the Preview style.

What's changed

  • Created a new separate header for Volume Button Override's "Popup style/theme" for Dialog Colors
  • Fixed deleting EQ presets not showing the name correctly
  • Volume Button Override will now show the current ringer mode (Vibrate/Silent/Normal) more accurately
  • Enabled showing of Volume Button Override overlays when Popup style/theme section is scrolled too far to see the preview anymore
  • Fixed an issue where the Virtualizer would stop and start itself whenever the app is opened
  • System or Call volume will no longer be used at all unless enabled in Settings -> Behavior
  • Fixed a bug where Device Profiles wouldn't show the current multiplier level after calibration
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements


For the Export/Import feature, .pvexport files are really just fancy .zip files, which means they can be edited on your computer manually if you're so inclined. Within the .pvexport files, everything is stored in a plaintext .yaml format for very easy editing.