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Version 2.0.0-beta-11

· 2 min read

Beta 11 is here!

Pierce the cat

This is Pierce. He wanted to say hello

What's new

  • Improved current volume detection across the board
  • Will now ask if you'd like to enable the Equalizer when an EQ preset is chosen via a "Activate EQ preset" dialog
  • Added workaround for an issue with silent ringer mode being confused by Android as Do Not Disturb on some devices
  • Added Volume and EQ preset activation buttons to Volume Button Override (Android 14 Style)
  • Better handling of Automation when an EQ Preset and Volume Preset (that contains an EQ preset instruction) are both activated at the same time

What's changed

  • OnePlus fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing non-Media volumes to not match up correctly when activating Volume Presets
  • Crash fixes
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes
  • Color science adjustments for custom Volume Button Override colors (Android 15 Style)

Beta 11a

  • Fixed a crash due to lack of Do Not Disturb permissions when activating Volume Presets
  • Fixed other crashes + some Compressor issues

Beta 11b

  • Fixed a bug that caused volume to seemingly reset to a non-precise number when the app is opened

Beta 11c

  • Fixed a stubborn volume bug

Beta 11d

  • Switched to Kotlin 2.0 compiler (performance improvements)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Volume Button Override's "Alternative screen off method" setting
  • Enabled app-specific language selection for Android 13+ (in system settings)

Beta 11e

  • Reduced popup ads somewhat.