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· 2 min read

I am very pleased to announce that Precise Volume 2.0 beta is now available.

What's important

  • Complete and total rewrite. It's practically a new app.

  • Animations galore!

  • Full AutoEq support.

  • Graphic EQ gives you 10 individual bands (was 5 in the old app).

  • Added Limiter, Reverb, and Bass/Compressor. Volume Booster has moved

  • Volume precision (more volume steps) works. There are 4 different methods that attempt to force it to work, so if one doesn't work, another might. It's not likely for the app to break again -- or at least, if something breaks, it'll probably be fixable.

  • Added a fully functional custom volume dialog with custom volume steps, etc. I have wanted to add this for years.

  • Automation features are all fixed.

  • Tasker support (partial support - hoping to add more options as people send suggestions)

  • DUMP permission support brings audio effects system-wide. Very excited about this! It works great with Tidal and YouTube on my Pixel 7 Pro.

  • USB DAC support

  • Better Bluetooth support

  • Precision Profiles added - these profiles help the app to create more volume steps

  • Partial Material You colors support for things like Volume System Override and widgets.

  • Built from the ground up and optimized for Android 14

Known issues

  • You tell me! (just kidding... but no, seriously...)

  • Only Media volume can have a custom number of volume steps. This is a system limitation I can't get around at this time.

  • Material You support needs to be expanded to the whole app

  • Sometimes you need to pause and resume music before audio effects begin to work, especially after first installing the app.

  • Precise Volume is now only supported on Android 9+.'

Closing thoughts

The process of making this app hasn't been easy. I've learned a ton though, and am more excited than ever about the future of Android development. I'm so happy I got the opportunity to build this thing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I use this app myself constantly. I don't care who sees this - this app is literally a labor of love.

Most importantly, I just hope Precise Volume will be useful again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!