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· One min read

Beta 10 is here!

I'm testing out a new State-based Automation feature. This way, Automation features like Bluetooth will be a bit more predictable. Rather than having a "When disconnected" option in Automation, you can set it always do the same thing when Internal Storage is used, for example.

Additionally, there is now an option for PRO users to separate Auto EQ from presets entirely. When this is enabled, Auto EQ will be controlled by your devices in Automation instead.

What's new

  • State-based Automation (Settings -> Behavior -> State-based Automation).
  • Option to separate Auto EQ from presets (PRO)
  • Added a day/night mode switch for Volume Button Override.
  • Lots of little UI tweaks
  • Added a rough German translation to the app

What's changed

  • Fixed an issue with "Alternative screen off method" in Volume Button Override (Tweaks).
  • Lots of other bug fixes
  • The "Modified" label in the Equalizer is smaller now.
  • Increased the hitbox size for "X" buttons the Equalizer

Beta 10a

  • Fixed a bug with Date/Time Automation

Beta 10b

  • Some more bug fixes

· One min read

Beta 9 is here!

It's now possible to manually input Equalizer values. Just tap the label!

Also, the Auto EQ section + import screen will now show you which database a profile came from. There are also 1800 more AutoEq profiles added (from crinacle primarily).

What's new

  • Manual Equalizer input. Just tap a slider label!
  • AutoEq will now show which database a profile came from
  • Added 2 new options to the new Android 15 style interface: Enable label animations and Increase label contrast.
  • 1800 new AutoEq profiles (crinacle)

What's changed

  • Fixed hitbox for Equalizer on/off switch
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Better Audio Detection.
  • Fixed a major crash bug


  • Fixed a major performance/icon flicker bug
  • Increased scroll/thumb hitbox on the sides for Bass/Compressor
  • Fixed an annoying bug that could cause the Equalizer to be interrupted when the screen is turned on/off
  • Other major bug fixes

Stability is still the #1 priority right now.

· 2 min read

Beta 8 is here!

For the fun of it, I decided to recreate the new Android 15 volume interface. The animations and overall user experience are extremely similar, with some extra tweaks and additions. Consider this an early preview of the new Android experience! You can get the new design early through Precise Volume!

In this new design you can also activate Volume and EQ presets! I haven't added it to the Android 14 design yet.

You can view it here, but remember the animations will look so much worse in video form.

And here's a look at that new option in Graphic EQ.

What's new

  • Added a new Android 15 Preview style to Volume Button Override (Popup style/theme)! Has some cool animations. You can also switch between the new and the old style. More styles are planned... at some point.
  • There is now an option under Graphic EQ to reset JUST bands or JUST post-gain. Tap the 3-dot menu that now appears. I know, it annoyed me too.
  • Added a new workaround for the "volume jumping" bug some users were experiencing. This is a bug in Android itself I am trying to fix. Getting close...

What's changed

  • Various bug fixes

· One min read

Beta 6 is here!

Lots of changes behind the scenes, and now landscape mode is supported. Also, Precision Profiles were renamed to Device Profiles. Sorry for the confusing change - I'm sure this will be less confusing in the long run though.

"Volume System Override" is now "Volume Button Override" as well.

What's new

  • Landscape mode is now better supported
  • Renamed "Precision Profiles" to "Device Profiles". It's just less confusing!
  • Renamed "Volume System Override" to "Volume Button Override".
  • Added an Automation shortcut to Device Profiles (Precision Profiles)
  • New UI shortcut: Pressing either side of an Equalizer window while in landscape will quickly minimize it. You can also scroll from either side!
  • Lots of bug fixes I honestly can't remember now

What's changed

  • Moved "Equalizer Settings" higher in the list since it's used so often
  • Better Audio Detection has been adjusted slightly
  • Lots of other things I can't remember at the moment
  • When calibrating a Device Profile, the check-list boxes will now be automatically pre-checked if you have run the calibrator at least once.
  • The "Reorder" buttons inside Automation's 3-dot menus actually work now!

· One min read

Beta 5 is here!

Been working some more on Better Audio Detection. Added a new option: Aggressive mode. Now, the app can continuously search for new Audio Sessions. You can have it check periodically -- say, every half a second. It adds compatbility for a lot of apps and games (I hope).

What's new

  • Better Audio Detection option: Aggressive mode. Continuously check for new audio sessions.

What's changed

  • Equalizer presets list will remember how far you last scrolled
  • Changed colors in the Equalizer a bit.
  • Made a change that will hopefully allow the app to start effects easier
  • Volume System Override vertical popup is now more centered
  • Other bug fixes.

· One min read

I'll try not to make a brand new post every time I push out a letter update (like beta-04e).

Just wanted to say I've added a battery saver option for Legacy mode. Go to Settings -> Equalizer Settings -> Legacy mode, and enable "Legacy mode battery saver." If your screen turns off and music is not playing for at least 15 seconds (or stops playing for 15 seconds), then audio effects will be disabled. They resume once the screen turns back on.

This doesn't mean they're constantly processing if no music is playing though. If there's nothing to process, there's nothing to process. It just means less resources will be used.

Beta-04f released

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Equalizer from starting back up when using the toggle in the top right
  • Better Virtualizer compatibility

· 3 min read

Beta 4 is here!

Added OnePlus device support (for background volume changes)

A workaround has been added for background volume changes on OnePlus devices. Apparently, OnePlus has started blocking ALL volume changes in the background, from ALL third-party apps. Some developers have opted to launch an invisible screen every time the media volume changes, tricking phones into thinking they're in the foreground. This is not acceptable for an app like Precise Volume that has to make volume changes frequently. Launching an invisible screen also causes anything you're doing on your device to be interrupted needlessly. I've done extensive testing on the OnePlus 12 and it's working on my test device. Where there's a will, there's a way... The workaround can be found under Advanced.


What this means is that Precise Volume will probably be the only volume management app to support OnePlus devices correctly. At least for a while.

If you think it's silly that a whole complex workaround is required JUST to change the volume in the background with NO option for the users to allow background changes the normal way, then please contact OnePlus! Your voice matters. A workaround should not be required.

Here's what happens when you try to change the volume in the background without the new workaround. There is no such thing as a "setStreamVolume" permission - at least not the way OnePlus has implemented it.

I've also made some changes to Better Audio Detection to use less battery. It should be more stable too, hopefully.

I'm still working on some other bugs people have reported. Unfortunately, the OnePlus workaround was actually crazy time consuming. I'm also a college student, so I hope you all can understand where I'm coming from.

As always, your feedback has been amazing, and I will continue to take advantage of it!

What's new

  • Added the ability to change view to a list instead of a grid (Home).
  • Added a workaround for OnePlus devices under Advanced. Volume changes in the background are now supported on the OnePlus 12.
  • Lots of stability improvements. That is the #1 priority right now.
  • Better Audio Detection should use less battery now.
  • New alternative Volume System Override screen off method under Tweaks.
  • More to come. Stay tuned!
  • Added a Church icon as a Preset Icon option.

What's changed

  • Miscellanous bug fixes.
  • Fixed Limiter post-gain not saving correctly.
  • Forced 120Hz to work on the OnePlus 12 and any other phones with weird display management detection with Jetpack Compose.


  • Contains some bug fixes, particularly for the audio engine.


  • Fixed an issue with the sliders and button volumes not matching up correctly.


  • Fixed a memory leak. Performance is much better.
  • Made an adjustment to the sliders logic.


  • Lots of performance improvements/fixed pre-calculation for multipliers in Precision Profiles

· 2 min read

This update took a bit longer than expected because it was an opportunity to clean up a lot of code. A lot of random bugs have been fixed, but it's also very possible some new ones might have been accidentally introduced (hopefully not). I have done a lot of testing, but it can be difficult to test everything in an app of this scale. It'll be easier to update this app in the future though! Thanks for everyone's patience.

What's new

  • Media Locker is back! Go to Settings -> Behavior -> Media Locker
  • New setting in Volume System Override: Tweaks (only 1 setting for now - "ignore first press")
  • Some things I don't remember
  • "Volume booster" on the Equalizer screen can now be hidden
  • Press and hold to toggle Equalizer sections
  • Widgets should be usable again

What's changed

  • Refactored the whole app so it'll be even easier to update going forward
  • Performance improvements/optimization
  • Hopefully fixed (or at least mostly fixed) a volume jumping bug. Some users may notice it get loud for like a quarter of a second still when a song starts, etc. - I am still trying to find a way around this. The volume jumping bug is due to a flaw in Android's audio session code.
  • Less background battery usage
  • Re-designed the audio effects engine for stability

· 2 min read

I am very pleased to announce that Precise Volume 2.0 beta is now available.

What's important

  • Complete and total rewrite. It's practically a new app.

  • Animations galore!

  • Full AutoEq support.

  • Graphic EQ gives you 10 individual bands (was 5 in the old app).

  • Added Limiter, Reverb, and Bass/Compressor. Volume Booster has moved

  • Volume precision (more volume steps) works. There are 4 different methods that attempt to force it to work, so if one doesn't work, another might. It's not likely for the app to break again -- or at least, if something breaks, it'll probably be fixable.

  • Added a fully functional custom volume dialog with custom volume steps, etc. I have wanted to add this for years.

  • Automation features are all fixed.

  • Tasker support (partial support - hoping to add more options as people send suggestions)

  • DUMP permission support brings audio effects system-wide. Very excited about this! It works great with Tidal and YouTube on my Pixel 7 Pro.

  • USB DAC support

  • Better Bluetooth support

  • Precision Profiles added - these profiles help the app to create more volume steps

  • Partial Material You colors support for things like Volume System Override and widgets.

  • Built from the ground up and optimized for Android 14

Known issues

  • You tell me! (just kidding... but no, seriously...)

  • Only Media volume can have a custom number of volume steps. This is a system limitation I can't get around at this time.

  • Material You support needs to be expanded to the whole app

  • Sometimes you need to pause and resume music before audio effects begin to work, especially after first installing the app.

  • Precise Volume is now only supported on Android 9+.'

Closing thoughts

The process of making this app hasn't been easy. I've learned a ton though, and am more excited than ever about the future of Android development. I'm so happy I got the opportunity to build this thing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I use this app myself constantly. I don't care who sees this - this app is literally a labor of love.

Most importantly, I just hope Precise Volume will be useful again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!