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Beta 13 is here!

This update mainly includes bug fixes.

Edit: An error was found in the way volume precision is calculated, and some users may notice that their presets, etc. have now shifted downwards 4-7% or so. This is an unfortunate side effect of making things even more accurate than before. This should never be needed again, because things should now basically be as accurate as they can get. I sincerely apologize for this, and only wish I had discovered it sooner...

What's new

  • The "Relaxed" dropdown option when picking a color now works correctly
  • Added message for Do Not Disturb permission requests

What's changed

  • Date/Time Automation bug fixes
  • Disabled Volume Button Override while a voice/video call is running (Teams, Discord, Signal, etc) since Android doesn't allow precise adjustments during calls
  • Added better accidental drag/swipe rejection for the expand button on Volume Button Override overlays
  • Improved Volume Precision engine
  • Fixed an issue with Device Profiles calibration
  • Tons of other bug fixes and improvements


  • Hotfix for Pixel devices