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Beta 10 is here!

I'm testing out a new State-based Automation feature. This way, Automation features like Bluetooth will be a bit more predictable. Rather than having a "When disconnected" option in Automation, you can set it always do the same thing when Internal Storage is used, for example.

Additionally, there is now an option for PRO users to separate Auto EQ from presets entirely. When this is enabled, Auto EQ will be controlled by your devices in Automation instead.

What's new

  • State-based Automation (Settings -> Behavior -> State-based Automation).
  • Option to separate Auto EQ from presets (PRO)
  • Added a day/night mode switch for Volume Button Override.
  • Lots of little UI tweaks
  • Added a rough German translation to the app

What's changed

  • Fixed an issue with "Alternative screen off method" in Volume Button Override (Tweaks).
  • Lots of other bug fixes
  • The "Modified" label in the Equalizer is smaller now.
  • Increased the hitbox size for "X" buttons the Equalizer

Beta 10a

  • Fixed a bug with Date/Time Automation

Beta 10b

  • Some more bug fixes